This component provides a (complex if you desire so) for for a speific model record.

Example usage


  model(params) {
    return {
      model_name: 'sales/product',
      fieldsets: [
          fields: [
              class: "col-md-3 col-sm-6 col-xs-12",
              inputClass: "col-md-12 col-sm-9 col-xs-12",
              name: "picture",
              extra: {
                  clearable: true
              horiClass: "col-md-12 col-sm-3 col-xs-12"
            }, {
              class: "col-md-9 col-sm-6 col-xs-12",
              widget: "fieldset",
              fields: [
                { name: "name" },
                  name: "category",
                  extra: { allowAdd: true }
                { name: "sale_type" },
                { name: "price"}
          title: null

## templates.hbs



Option Required? Default Sample value Description
model_name Yes 'sales/product' the fully qualified model name
id Yes 'new' or 3 The id of the record you want to edit. To add a new record, pass in 'new' as id
fieldsets Yes [{title: null, fields: [{name: 'name'}]}] The structure of the form represented as a list of fieldset widgets
defaults No {} A pojo with the default values to assign to a new record
fetch_meta No false true Whether or not ember-cli-crudities should use ember-cli-dynamic-model to fetch more complete field definition for the top-level record. :warning: Note that, for now, ember-cli-crudities will always use ember-cli-dynamic-model to fetch field information about related models.
saveTwice No false true By default, the top-level model is saved once before saving each related model. If this option is turned on, new top-level records will be saved twice, once before and once after saving related models; existing records will be saved once after saving related models. This is usefull when a record has a belongsTo and a hasMany relationship both pointing towards the same model.
sortableBy No undefined 'position' A field by which records of a model are ordered by default. If sortableBy is specified, this field will be added to the defaults with a value of 0 when creating new records
changeListRoute No 'index' 'list' The name of the list route. If specified, this route will be used to transition to after saving/deleting models. The route will receive 2 parameters: "app_name" and "model_name" as in 'sales' and 'product'.
languages No undefined ['en-gb', 'fr-fr'] An array of lower-case language-culture strings. If supplied, fields with translated set to true will be shown with a set of flags, clicking on a flag will switch the field to its localized value.
cutom_actions No undefined See actions Actions that can be performed on the current record.